"WTF is that?!"
Episode or Video
Characters: Bobjenz, Kevin Brueck, Glitter Groin, Monster, Dog, and The Annoying Orange (cameo)
Airdate: January 8, 2010
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WTF is that?! is a video, featuring Bobjenz, and Kevin Brueck.


(Kevin & Bob watching hockey on TV.)

Kevin: Whoa, what the......what...what's that?

(A dog craps rainbow)

Bob: That? That's just a dog crapping a rainbow.

(A dog continues crapping a rainbow)

Bob: It's beautiful.

Kevin: No, not that. That.

Bob: Oh, him.

(The guy shoots glitter)

Bob: This is the guy who shoots glitter from his crotch, and pretends it doesn't get through us.

Glitter Groin: They call me, "Glitter Groin!" Let the magic through you! (continue shooting glitter)

Bob: Nicely done, my friend.

Kevin: No! Not that. That!

(The gateway to hell)

Bob: Oh, that. Right. That's just the gateway to hell.

(A monster jumps out of gateway to hell, and he roars)

Bob: I make sure, I don't got there.

Kevin: No! Not that! That!

(Bob looks at the wine rack.)

Bob: That? That's just a wine rack.

Kevin: A wine rack?! at least for you to put your wine?!

Bob: Yes.


(3 minutes later...)

Bob: And see, you just slip it.

Glitter Groin: That's what she said! Wooo!! (shoots glitter and Orange laughing)

Kevin: Aw, dude! Your getting groin glitter all in my wine!

(A monster roar, and Orange laughing)

Glitter Groin: Yes!