Troll 2
Aliases/Nicknames Naked Dude
Owner Dane Boedigheimer
Gender Male
Portrayer Kevin Brueck
First Appearance Trollin'

Troll was a character who only appeared in the episode Trollin'. He's the middle character, and he has orange hair.


  • "Totally stupid."
  • "This sucks! It's not as good as it use to be."
  • "And The Simpsons."
  • "(laughs obnoxlously)"
  • "Laaaaaaaame."
  • "Can you say "Ewok?"
  • "Yeah, it's the orange, he stinks!"
  • "Totally Photoshop'd."
  • "(groan) So predictable."
  • "Kniiiiiiife."
  • "Oh yeah, this is the part where I'm supposed to scream. (screams blendy)"
  • "(screaming)"