The Yanni Show is a kids Gagfilms show directed by Dane Boedigheimer, launching with one single short episode film about Yanni (Joe Heinan) talks about some things you should do, to learn how to do things correctly by answering questions.

This episode film presents, three kids, Kid 1 (Luke Boedigheimer), Kid 2 (Rebecca Sorgert), Kid 3 (Some guy) were all trying to answer questions and focus on Yanni for kids to help Yanni get about things what you should do.

This episode film was released in 2004 (originally) but aired at Gagfilms YouTube Channel on March 24, 2005.


Watch The Episode!Edit

If you want to watch The Yanni Show, the first known Gagfilms video click here, this will take you to The Yanni Show episode film in YouTube.