Scared Eggs was the 15th episode of From The Fridge Collection series. It was released on December 9th 2008.

"Scared Eggs"
Episode 15
Characters: Eggs, Chicken
Airdate: December 9, 2008
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"Terrified Corn Cobs"
"Marshmallow Murder"


(Parental Guidance Suggested)

Man: All right, here's the first one.

(Eggs scream)

Man: Then the second.

(Eggs scream)

Man: The third one...

(Eggs scream)

Man: And finally the last one.

(Eggs scream)

(Chicken clucks)

Chicken: Hey, are you kids watching that cooking show again?

Egg: No.

Chicken: You know that program gives you nightmares.

Man: Now we just use the eggbeater.

(eggbeater whirring)

(Eggs scream)

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