Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds: PASSION FRUIT Transcript: Edit

Passion Fruit
Aliases/Nicknames Passion, Passion Cute, Lassy, Passiony Granger
Owner Dane Boedigheimer
Credits Orange's love interest, tritagonist (previously, knocked down to fifth position protagonist), Fifth position protagonist
Gender Female
Portrayer iJustine and Daneboe (screaming voice in The Exploding Orange)
Family Mandy (sister)
First Appearance Passion of the Fruit
Quote "Oh, hey, how's it going?"

Orange: I don't know passion! Cleanin' up that pigpen is gonna be a dirty job! (laughing)

Passion Fruit: I think I'll be OK...After all, I'm a black belt!

Orange: OK! Just don't buckle under the pressure! (laughing)

(pigs chuckling loudly)

Passion Fruit: You think that's funny, huuuu? (pigs chuckling loudly) about this? HayyyyyyyWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAH! (pigs scream in fear)

(pigs chuckling loudly, fort creaking, crashes. All cheer)

Orange: Now, that's what I call a pork chop! (laughing)