"My Roommate Mario: Super Mario Wee"
Episode 2
My Roommate Mario Super Mario Wee
Characters: Mario, Bowser, Toad and Dane Boedigheimer
Airdate: January 22, 2010
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My Roommate Mario: Super Mario Wee is the second episode of My Roommate Mario.


(in the game)

Mario: I got to save the-a princess!

(Bowser breaths fires and throwing hammers)

Mario: What the? Are you throwing a hammers? Who throws a hammer as a weapon? This is ridiculous. (runs and jumps over Bowser) Lame. (he got the axe)

Bowser: (falls down) I regret nothing!

Mario: (runs to Toad) Ooohh. Where's the princess?

Toad: I don't know.

Mario: Ooohhh. Hey, where's the restroom? I have to wee, a-really-a bad.

Toad: Bathrooms? Hmmmm. You know, I don't think i've ever seen the bathroom in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario: But, there's a-plumbing, everywhere. Where does that piper go?

Toad: Nowhere. It's open on the other side. See? Check it out.

(Mario & Toad goes to the pipe to the beginning of the level)

Mario: Oh! I got to go, so-a bad!

Toad: But, just go up a cliff, they're bottomless.

Mario: Oh, great idea. Ohhh, ohhh. (takes a pee) OOOOOOOHHHHHHH......aaaaaahhhhh...(shrinks down and Mario's done peeing) Whew! Better. So, how's about a sink? Anywhere to wash-a my hands?

Toad: Uhhh...Not so much.

Mario: No sink? So, no one in the whole kingdom washes their hands?

Toad: Why do you think role are made of fungus? I'm a small boy, under these layers of balds, and spores.

Mario: Eeeehhhh...

(in the real world)

Mario: And that's-a why I always-a wear gloves.

Dane: (spits out his dinner) You are never cooking another meal in this house, again.