"My Roommate Mario"
Episode 1
My Roommate Mario
Characters: Mario, Dane Boedigheimer and Frank
Airdate: May 29, 2009
Episode Guide
"My Roommate Mario: Super Mario Wee"

My Roommate Mario is the first episode of My Roommate Mario.


(Dane is working on his computer, and Mario jumps into the room)

Mario: It's me, Mario!

Dane: Yeah dude, I know. We've been livin' together for like a month. You don't need to announce your name everytime you come in a room.

Mario: Want to play some Mario Kart?

Dane: Not really. Kinda busy.

Mario: How about some Mario World?

Dane: No.

Mario: Mario Golf?

Dane: Dude, I can't. I'm working.

Mario: How about Super Duper Mario Rainbow Factory?

Dane: That's...that's not even a game.

Mario: It could be.

Dane: No, it can't! Dude, please! I'm trying to finish this project for work. I'm on a dead line.

Mario: Oh, come on. We can throw some fireballs just like this. (throws a fireball on the couch, causing it to burn)

Dane: Dude! What I tell you about throwing fireballs in the house?

Mario: You said only when Bowser's around.

Dane: I never said that! I didn't say anything about Bowser, I said don't throw fireballs in the house! (sigh) Can you please make sure that doesn't spread. Gonna finish this.

Mario: Can I see it?

Dane: It's just a logo for a lightbulb company.

Mario: I'm-a great at logos. Show me what it looks like.

Dane: Fine, come look.

(Mario jumps to Dane's side)

Dane: See? There it is. What do you think?

Mario: Hmmmmm..... It's good. But, it needs more Mario.

Dane: What?

Mario: It needs more Mario.

Dane: Just because you in stuff doesn't make it better.

Mario: I disagree. Watch this. (Starts editing)

Dane: Dude, wha--hey, wha-what are you doing? Hey, come on.

(Mario changes the lightbulb picture on the logo to a picture of himself)

Mario: There. Better.

Dane: Dude, you can't just do that. How is that gonna sell lightbulbs?

Mario: It's-a perfect. Now just send it.

Dane: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Mario: They'll like this. (presses the button)

(The document loads, about to be sent)

Mario: Eh, oh, there we go!

(Loading completes)

Dane: You just sent that?

Mario: It was perfect!

Dane: You just sent that! You sent that to my client!

Mario: It was-a perfect.

Dane: (putting his head down) Oh, my..... oooohhhhh... hey are gonna freak out.

Mario: Oh, don't worry. He's going to love it.

Dane: They're not gonna like that.

(Dane's client, Frank, comes on Super Video Chat)

Frank: Dane, are you there?

Dane: Yup, yup. Here we go. Thanks. Here we go. Watch this.

(chat begins)

Dane: Hey, Frank.

Frank: Dane, I just got the logo you sent over.

Dane: Yeah, I'm....I'm sorry. I--

Frank: This is brilliant!

Dane: What?

Frank: This is exactly what I was looking for. This is unequivocally the greatest logo ever created on the face of the earth. It captures everything then our business stands for!

Dane: So, you like that Mario's in it?

Frank: I Like it! That's what makes this logo so great! This logo says, "We are dependable, we are the future, we are Lunar Lightbulbs."

Mario: Told you.

Dane: I'm getting a new roommate.

Frank: You are a genius!



Mario's artwork from this video is the same as the one from the Mario & Luigi RPG's