Annoying Orange vs. Angry Birds: MARSHMALLOW Transcript: Edit

Marshmallow from annoying orange
Aliases/Nicknames Fluffy Face, Squeaky Fun Guy, Hot Shot, Cream Puff, Sugar Skull, Little White Dude
Owner Dane Boedigheimer, Jigsaw
Gender Male
Portrayer Dane Boedigheimer
Family Marshmallows, Marshmallow's Mom
First Appearance Annoying Saw 2: The Annoying Death Trap
Quote "Yay! I love unicorns!"

Marshmallow: Yaaay! I love piggies! Almost as much as I love flying! Yaaay!

Orange: Alright, fluffy buddy! (Marshmallow hops on the slingshot) Time to get your game face on! boings

Marshmallow: Ooooh, ok. (Marshmallow's and growls, slingshot launches, pigs game on, Marshmallow laughs) Hi, piggy! I am Marshmallow. Can we be friend? (record scratches) (pigs chuckling loudly) You don't wanna be friends with me?...(pigs chuckling loudly) (Marshmallow groans)

Orange: I guess they wanna stay sugar free! (laughing)

Marshmallow: (inside angry)

Orange: Oho!

Marshmallow: (inside angry) AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

(Kraken roaring, Orange's and gasps, crashes loudly pigs, sure knows lighten up, Marshmallow screams, growls fire crackling)

Orange: Jeez, Marshmallow sure knows how to lighten 'em up! (laughing)

Marshmallow: Yaaay! A Rainbow!

(end credits rolls)

Quotes Edit

  • "YAY!"
  • "Hi, Everybody. It's me, Marshmallow."