Lord Moldywarts
Lord moldywarts
Aliases/Nicknames The fruit that must not be named, The fruit that has no nose
Owner himself
Gender Male
Portrayer Benny Fine
First Appearance Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple

Moldywarts was a character who only appears in this episode Orange Potter and the Deathly Apple. He was spoofed by Lord Voldemort.


As Moldywarts:Edit

  • "Impressive, Orange Potter."
  • "It is I, the fruit that must not be named."
  • "Silence!"
  • "And now, Orange Potter, you will meet your end."
  • "As a matter of fact, he will! JELLORAMAS!!"
  • "Now, Orange Potter, the day I have waited for, the day we finally see who was the greatest wizardfruit."
  • "What? No!"
  • "This is not a guessing game!"
  • "No! I am not--Wait. How--how did you know I was an apple?"
  • "With Orange Potter gone, there is no one to stand in my--"
  • "What?! Impossible! How did--"
  • "What?! What is it?!"

As an apple:Edit

  • "Wh--You did it? You made me young, and fresh, again!"
  • "Well, Grandpa Lemondore was a wise wizardfruit!"
  • "See what coming?"