Kool Aide Man
New kool aid killer post
Credits Killer
Gender Male
Portrayer Dane Boedigheimer
Family Unknown
Friends/Allies None
Enemies/Rivals Everybody
First Appearance Kool Aid Killer
Quote "Oh, yeah!"

Kool Aid Man, also known as the "Kool Aid Killer" is a vengeful bowl of Kool Aid, who kills everyone that dosen't drink Kool Aid (basically everyone above the age of five)


Kool Aid Man seems to have no remorse about who he's killing, and he often uses puns like "Can I axe you a question" or "Knife to meet 'ya!" Kool Aid Man feels forgotten, and for that reason; vengeful.


Kool Aid Man first appeared in Kool Aid Killer, where he gained media attention and was seen murdering many people in a brutal fashion. He has later appeared in crossovers such as Kool Aide Man vs. Chocolate Rain and Kool Aide Man vs. Star Wars Kid.


  • He chopped a man's head off
  • He caused a helicopter-crash
  • He threw a knife in a guy's face
  • He threw a axe in a boy's face
  • He made an incredibly strong baseball-pitch in a girl's head, ripping it off
  • He blew off a man's head with a gun
  • He shot the same man repeatedly with a gun


  • "Knife to meet 'ya!"
  • "Can I axe you a question?"
  • "I just found out some Chocolate Pain!
  • "Sorry, kid! I have to force you to stop!"
  • "Did my arrow make you quiver?"
  • "If you're gonna say Happy Valentine's Day, it's gotta be from the heart!"