Knife as a character
Owner Dane Boedigheimer
Credits Murder weapon
Gender Male
Portrayer Kevin Nalty
Death(s) none, but got rubbed by a sharpener
Family Knife's Mom
Friends/Allies Orange, Pear, Little Apple, Marshmallow, Passion Fruit
Enemies/Rivals Sharpener, Dane Boedigheimer
First Appearance As a character: No More Mr. Knife Guy

As a murder weapon: The Annoying Orange

Quote "Oh, crap! I did it, again."

Annoying Orange Death Knife Attack Apple Trebek Transcript Edit

Apple Trebek: Table, Butterfly, And Bread Are All Types Of What? Let's start with...

Orange: Hey! Hey! Hey, Apple!

Apple Trebek: What, Orange? What's it, what's you're answer?

Orange: Knife.

Apple Trebek: Sorry!

(Apple Trebek's answer does dings, correct again, he's and groans.)

Apple Trebek: Wow, that's actually right!

(audience continues laughing)

Apple Trebek: (laughs) I guess nobody saw that one coming.

(got sliced and Apple Trebek's)

Audience: AAAAAAAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Apple Trebek: AAAAAAAOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Pineapple: WAAAAAAOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


(Then everyone all continues stops screaming)

Orange: Well. At least he wasn't a Lightning Round. (laughing)

Dane Boedigheimer: Did someone say lightning round...

Orange: Oho!

Orange, Apple Trebek, Pineapple, Audience: AAAAAOOOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

(end rolls)

Characters killedEdit

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No More Mr. Knife GuyEdit

  • "Hey, dudes! This, um, isn't what it looks like."
  • "Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm--I'm not gonna hurt you, little guy!"
  • "Is that who this was? Man, poor little fellow was really juicy."
  • "What are you talking about? The doom was here, and now he's not! That's awful!"
  • "Dude, that is not funny!"
  • "I know what this looks like. Just because, I'm a razor sharp strip of stainless steel, that doesn't mean I want to hurt anybody!"
  • "I'm telling you, Orange. It's lonely being a knife. Everytime I get close to someone, they wined up getting cut in half! Do you know what that's like?"
  • "This one time I julienned a tuna can in 3 seconds flat! It was awful!"
  • "What's so funny about that?"
  • "Buddy, don't even get me started on those guys."
  • "Dull? Who said I'm dull?!"
  • "Not too loud, man! Do you know what happens to a dull knife?"
  • "No, dude! He gets a little visit from the Sharpener!"
  • "No. The Sharpener is harder than a rock, and you know what he does?"
  • "WHO SAID THAT?!!"
  • "It wasn't me."
  • "No!"
  • "NOT AGAIN!!"
  • "(screaming)"

Happy Birthday!Edit

  • "Hey, Orange! Sorry, I'm late!"
  • "What? Guys, It's cool. I just wanted to drop by, and say Happy Birthd--Oh, crap! I did it, again. Didn't I?

Annoying ValentinesEdit

  • "Hey! Thanks, Orange! Oh, crap! I did it, again!"

Mommy & MeEdit

  • "Oh, Mom, I didn't mean, too!"