Jack the apple leader
Aliases/Nicknames Teenie-Weenie Apple
Owner Dane Boedigheier
Gender Male
Portrayer Steve Greene
First Appearance The Voodoo You Do!

Jack was the leader of the Voodoo Apples in The Voodoo You Do!


  • "Alica-zam, Alica-zee, Alica-zam, Alica-zee, Alica-zam,--"
  • "Whoa! Now, that's what the voo in voodoo."
  • "Voodoo. As in Voodoo Doll? Hit it, Bill."
  • "No more!"
  • "Okay, what happened, guys?!"
  • "Forget about that. It's time for the second face!!"
  • "Hit it, Andy!"
  • "It's not working!"
  • "Oh, hey! I've got one. REVERSO!!"
  • "And now, for the rest of us."
  • "No! No more stalling!"
  • "What?!"
  • "(screaming)"