Aliases/Nicknames Chubby McChubby Orange, Apefruit, Snapefruit
Owner Dane Boedigheimer
Gender Male
Portrayer Bobjenz
Family Grapefruit's Sister (sister), Grapefruit's Second Cousin (second cousin), Grapefruit's Grandpa (grandfather), Grapefruit's Nephew (nephew)
First Appearance Annoying Orange 7: Passion of the Fruit
Quote "Hey, zip the lip, Onion Dip!"

Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds: GRAPEFRUIT Transcript: Edit

Grapefruit: That's right, babie back! Grapefruit is going to make you squeal like a pig!

Orange: Mmmm...that shouldn't be too difficult. (laughs, pigs chuckle)


(Grapefruit's slingshot falls down)

Orange: Whoa. I told you, it was a Loin Shot. (laughs, pigs chuckle)

Grapefruit: (growling)

Orange: Hey! It's better than a fat chance! (laughs, pigs chuckle)

Grapefruit: (growling in rage)

Orange: Maybe you need to lay off the red meat! (laughs, pigs chuckle)

Grapefruit: (growling in rage)

(pigs chuckle)

Grapefruit: THAT'S IT?!?! RELEASE THE KRAKEN?!?!

Pigs: Huh?

(Kraken snarling, he's meat need lay, off crashes red loin shot, falls down Orange's, it was a told than a fat chance better, music playing)

Orange: Whoa!! You have got friends in reallie low places! (laughs, Kraken snarling)

(end credits rolls)


Passion of the FruitEdit

  • "I Swear to god, you put me down, right nowor you're gonna see some kung fu, voodoo!"
  • "You know it, bub. (laughs)"
  • "Hey, who's the kumquat? He a friend of yours?"
  • "Hey, Passionfruit you wanna see me flex? Check it out. (flexing)"
  • "Oh, did that twerp just call me chubby?!"
  • "Hey, (censored)! I'm a (censored) grapefruit! You know what that means?!"
  • "It means, I can kick your (censored), six ways from (censored)!"
  • "Hey, Orange! I'm talking to you! How many squats can you do, huh?"
  • "Exacly! Let me spell it out for you! Chicks Stick the Grapefruit. Ain't that right, sweetheart I love you so much."
  • "Oh, Orange, you're out of your legue! You should go hit it on a blackberry, or somethin'!"
  • "Hey, zip the lip, Onion Dip!"
  • "You're right. You're a grape."
  • "Then, why are you so full of whine? (laughs) Oh!"
  • "(screaming)"
  • "Ow! Ow-ow-ow-ow-! Do you know how much this hurts?!"
  • "(screaming)"


  • "I'm not your tummy, Orange."
  • "(roars)"
  • "That's right, Orange! Grapefruit is back, and badder then ever!"
  • "Save it, wasteoid! I've got all the help, I'm gonna need to squash you, and that dimpled dimwit!"
  • "Oh, I'm sorry, I can't hear you! I'm too busy flexing."
  • "Let's hear it, smarty-pants! Any last words?"
  • "That's Halloween, you moron!"
  • "What? (screaming)"
  • "What's going on, here is your butt is in my face! MOVE IT, GRAMPA LEMON!!"

Wishful ThinkingEdit

  • "And, there were like 12 of them, and there were like these huge watermelons with machine guns, yeah, I took 5 of them, before they did the drop on me."
  • "That's Little Apple to you, there!"

Wazzup BlowupEdit


Best Fiends ForeverEdit

  • "Cake? More like rhubarb pie! Ha-ha-ha-ha!"
  • "What? It's a free kitchen. I can hang out, if I want to."
  • "What?! Hasn't Midget Munchkin gave you the memo?"
  • "Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Hey, Roomy! Wanna wrestle for the top bunk?"