Grandpa Lemon
200px-Grandpa Lemon
Aliases/Nicknames Grandpa Lemondore
Owner Dane Boedigheimer
Gender Male
Portrayer Kevin Brueck
First Appearance Grandpa Lemon
Quote "Oh, hey there, little fella. What's your name?"and"Gerominio!"

Annoying Orange vs Angry Birds: GRANDPA LEMON Transcript: Edit

Grandpa Lemon: Wuah! Wella-where-where-now how, does this doohhickeies work?

Orange: I told you, Grandpa Lemon! It's like a catapult!

Grandpa Lemon: A caterpillar? Well they didn't look like that in, my day, reminds me of the time I went to tangiers with a pretty little banana named Chiquita!

Grapefruit: Down in front! C'mon, Gramps! Keep it moving!

Grandpa Lemon: Who, said what now?

(pigs chuckling loudly)

Orange: (laughing continues loudly in fear) They are really, hamming it up, time to show them what you get, Grandpa!

Grandpa Lemon: Fair enough! Time to Show you Whippersnappers how to kick it, Old School-(falls asleep mideway)

(pigs chuckling loudly)

Grapefruit: Awwwww, great, look at him, he is just snorin' lungs there!

Orange: Yeah. Literally.

(Grandpa Lemon's saw chainsaw, music plays, literally him at look lungs there, pigs scream in fear, saw buzzes, crashes at splatting, Grandpa Lemon's wake up)

Grandpa Lemon: What's that, noise?

Orange: YYAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Way to go, Grandpa! You really Saw Through 'Em!

(Orange and Grandpa Lemon laughing)

Grandpa Lemon: "Saw, Through What Now?"

(end credits rolls)

Quotes Edit

  • "(Snoring)"
  • "Hey there, kids. Grandpa Lemon here today!"