"Go **** Yourself!!! UNCENSORED"
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Characters: Kevin Brueck, Bobjenz, Aaron Massey, and Gypsy
Airdate: July 19, 2011
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(Bob and Aaron doin' somethin' at the living room)

Bob: (stomach rumbles and he sighed) Dude, stomach is rumblen? What do you say we play Snorter the Old Subshack?

Aaron: Yeah, just let me finish in this e-mail, and then we can can go.

Kevin: Yo, what up, guys?

Bob: What's up, Kev? Wanna grab some with us?

Kevin: No, I'm good. You guys enjoy yourself, though.

(record scratches)

Aaron: What did you just say?

Kevin: I....(sigh) Did you guys hear that?

Bob: Yeah, I think you just told us go bleep ourselves.

Kevin: Yeah....N-no, I mean no. I didn't actually say that, I said just go enjoy yourself.

Aaron: Hey, what the hell, man?

Bob: Yeah, what's that all about?

Kevin: Nothing, I was just telling you guys to go enjoy youself sandwiches!

Aaron: What is up with you?

Bob: Seriously, you're being kind of a dick, right now.

Kevin: It--It's not me, okay, something is going on, here! I was just trying to tell you, that you know, I got a hamburger, and I'm going to eat it!

Bob: Okay.

Kevin: No, I'm not to my hamburger, jesus, what is going on?

Aaron: Did Kevin start smoke the crack?

Bob: Did you start smoke and crack?

Aaron: You can tell us.

Kevin: This is ridiculous. I think someone is censoring.

Bob: Yeah, because you're saying afence thinse!

Kevin: I'm not, okay? You know what? That's it, I just--I gotta leave the hamburger, and I just gotta get outta here, and go walk your dog.

(A dog wakes up)

Aaron: Uhhh...

Bob: You let her fender off my dog, and you're not gonna see, tomarrow!

Kevin: Dude, that is not what I said! I just said I wanna walk your dog!

Bob: Keep this up, and I'll make make sure you don't believe anything, ever again!

Kevin: I just want to walk the dog, okay, why do you get to be the only one, who wanna walks the dog!


Kevin: No, I don't know what's goin' on, I just wanna take you, and walk your dog, and then eat my hamburger, and Aaron tar, and turn on the radio, and listen to interview my T.V's depremessing!!

Aaron: Why hell will!

Kevin: (cried) What's wrong with me?

Bob: That's it! I'm gonna take that burger, and shove it right up your--

Aaron: That's it! It's the burger!

Kevin: Huh?

Bob: What?

Aaron: Where did you get that?!

Kevin: That new place, around the corner.

Aaron & Bob: Gypsy Burger.

(at the Gypsy Burger)

Gypsy: (laughing) That's what you get for not chiping! (laughing) Sucker!

(End rolls)

Kevin: (eating his burger) I love having a big burger in my mouth! (chuckle)