Owner a woman
Gender Male, and Female
Portrayer Dane Boedigheimer
Death(s) Got cracked and boiled on a pan, Got cracked again in the bowl, Boiled in water with full tattooing bodies.
Family Eggs, Chicken (mother)
Friends/Allies Steve
Enemies/Rivals Woman
First Appearance Screaming Eggs
Quote "Where's he taking Steve? Where's Steve going?"


The eggs have first appeared in Screaming Eggs, and they returned in Birthday From the Fridge, Easter Eggs and Scared Eggs.

Trivia Edit

Steve is the first one to die among a carton of eggs who ask "Where are they taking Steve?"
Eggs (Birthday From the Fridge)

Eggs in "Birthday From The Fridge".

Eggs as Easter Eggs

Eggs in "Easter Eggs".

Eggs (Scared Eggs)

Eggs in "Scared Eggs".