Master of kung fruit
Aliases/Nicknames Chocolate Ball, Shellhead
Owner Dane Boedigheimer
Credits antagonist/death spot
Gender Male
Portrayer Shane Dawson
First Appearance Kung Fruit
Quote "Show yourself, foolish dog!"

Coconut was a warrior from Annoying Orange: Kung Fruit. He's a master of Kung Fruit, who wants to be the king of the kitchen.


  • "(laughs) Most annoying one! Not always what it seems!"
  • "(laughs) My name is Coconut! Master of Kung Fruit, and soon, this very kitchen!"
  • "(laughs) My opponent have lied vanished! There kingdom, mine to rule with an Iron Fist!"
  • "Silence! I....I sence of presense. Familiar yet deadly."
  • "Show yourself, foolish dog!"
  • "Awww, the annoying one was trained in the ways of my enemy. I WILL BREAK YOU WITH THE POWER OF KUNG FRUIT!!"
  • "Yes?"
  • "(laughs) Prepare for doom!"