Bill the apple
Aliases/Nicknames The Voodoo Apple, Teenie-Weeinie Apple
Owner Dane Boedigheimer
Gender Man
Portrayer Jason Horton
First Appearance The Voodoo You Do!

Bill was a Voodoo apple, and one of the antagonists of The Voodoo You Do! He was responsible for Orange getting stuck as the Voodoo Doll.


  • "Alica-zam, Alica-zee, Alica-zam, Alica-zee, Alica-zam,--"
  • "Did not!"
  • "All right, maybe my laten's a little rusty."
  • "We need to hit him with the caramel, first!"
  • "I just want to say, this is not my fault!"
  • "(screaming)"
  • "Guys, guys, I found the caramel! It's a--(muffled by Caramel)"