"Annoying Orange Through Time 2"
Episode 76
Characters: Orange, Goliath, David, Issac Newton, Apple, and Cactus
Airdate: April 29, 2011
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Annoying Orange Through Time #2 is the sequal to Annoying Orange Through Time, and the 76th episode of the Annoying Orange series.


(title card)

Voice: Orange Through Time.

Orange: (laughing)

(in 1020 BC)

Orange: (tongue flipping)

(Goliath appears, and he roars)

Orange: Whoa! Goliath, you've got broccoli breath! (laughs)

Goliath: (roars)

Orange: Hey, hey Goliath!

Goliath: What?

Orange: David!

(David appears, and he defeats Goliath with a rock)

David: Yay!

(in 1666)

Orange: Hey, hey Issac Newton!

Issac Newton: What? I'm trying to work, over here!

Orange: Hey, Issac Newton, hey!

Issac Newton: What?

Orange: Apple!

(Apple falls down to Issac's head, he lands on the grass)

Issac Newton: Ow!

Orange: (laughs, and sigh)

Apple: Oh, jeez, that was quite a ride.

Orange: Hey, hey Apple!

Apple: What?

Orange: Knife!

(Dane sliced an apple, and apple screamed)

(in 1947 in the dessert)

Orange: Cactus! Hey, hey Cactus! Hey, Cactus, hey!

Cactus: For the last time, what?! What is it?

Orange: Flying Saucer!

Cactus: Huh? (looks at the title called, "Welcome to Roswell New Mexico.") What are you talking about?

(A flying saucer crashes on Cactus, and land on the title)

Orange: Whoa! That was out of this world! (laughs) What? Too soon?

(title card)

Voice: Orange Through Time.

Orange: (laughing)

(end rolls)