"Annoying Orange 7: Passion of the Fruit"
Episode 7
Characters: Orange, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, and Pear (ending cameo)
Airdate: February 19, 2010
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Annoying Orange: Passion of the Fruit is the 7th episode of Annoying Orange.

Transcript Edit

Orange: B-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-bu, bu, bu, b-b-b! (groans) I'm bored...

Dane Boedigheimer: (paper bag and puts it)

Orange: Whoa, who's that? What do ya have?

Passion Fruit: Hey, watch the merchandise, buddy!

Orange: Whoa!

Passion Fruit: Oh, hey. How is it going?

Orange: Hey, uhhhhh....uhhhhhhhhhh.....I'm an orange.

Passion Fruit: Uhhhhh...are you, okay?

Orange: You're beautiful.

Passion Fruit: (laughs) No, I'm just a Passion Fruit!

Orange: More like Passion Cute.

Passion Fruit: Uh... that's Passion Fruit.

Orange: I'm an Orange...

Passion Fruit: Yeah, I like you're peel, dimples are totally adorable.

Orange: (laughing)

Grapefruit: I swear to God, you put me down right now, or you're gonna see some Kung-Fu-Voodoo!

Passion Fruit: Grapefruit?...Wow! I can't believe you, made it.

Orange: Oh, ya know him?

Grapefruit: You know it, buddy! (cackles)

Passion Fruit: It's not like that, we met in the bag on the way over!

Grapefruit: Hey, who's the kumquat?! Is he a friend of yours?!

Passion Fruit: We just met, he's been ya know, keeping me company!

Grapefruit: Hey, Passion! You watch me flex?! Check it, out. Yuhuhggughghghgghhg...

Passion Fruit: (Grapefruit's flexes again grunt loud) Uh... yeah. You did that earlier!

Grapefruit: Uhuhggughghghgghhg...

Orange: (Grapefruit's flexes again grunts stops) Hey, is the Chubbie Orange gonna Fart?

Grapefruit: Whoa, did that twerp just call me chubbie?

Passion Fruit: Uh?

Orange: Yeah, you really let yourself go. They should call you chubby mccuhubby orange, because you're chubby! (laughing)

Grapefruit: Hey(censored)! I'm a(censored)Grapefruit! Do ya know, what that means?

Orange: Whoa, Chubbie McChubbie is got a pottie mouth.

Grapefruit: It means I can kick your(censored) SIX WAYS FROM(censored)!

Passion Fruit: Is that really necessarie?!

Grapefruit: Hey Orange, I'm talking to ya! How many squats, can ya do!! Huuuu?!

Orange: What's a squat?!

Grapefruit: Exactly, lemme spell it out for ya, chicks dig the grapefruit, and that right, babie?

Passion Fruit: Uhh...not really.

Grapefruit: Oh, Orange! You're outta your league! You should go hit, on a blueberry or something! (laughing)

Orange: Grapefruit?! More like apefruit! Are you chubbie because, you ate all the bananas? (laughing)

Grapefruit: Hey, zip the lip, Onion Dip!

Orange: I'm not an Onion!

Grapefruit: You're right, you're a grape!

Orange: Nuhu. No, I'm not.

Grapefruit: Then, why are you so full of "wine"? (laughing) Ohhhhh!!

Passion Fruit: Shut up, what's wrong with you?!! Seriously, you think I care 'bout flexing?!! And, why are you talking 'bout squats?!! YA, DON'T EVEN HAVE LEGS!!! (Orange laughing) And, you! Who cares if he's a little you know round?!! All you do's make weird, noises and call him fat!! HOW SHALLOW, ARE YA?!!!!!!

Orange: I'm not shallow. I'm an orange!

Passion Fruit: Wow, what's wrong with me? This happens every time, I go out! It's always the jerk and, the weirdo! If that's the choices, I'd rather take...

Orange: Knife?

(Psssion Fruit's high voice him in half)

Passion Fruit: Huh?...

(Orange's as is half of him)

Orange: Knife!


Passion Fruit: (Grapefruit's screaming continues slices Dane Boedigheimer him in half Knife) Aw, my God!

Orange: (Grapefruit's Knife half Dane Boedigheimer continues screaming) Whoa, Grapefruit's beside himself! (continues screaming Grapefruit's as)

(Grapefruit's continues screaming watches in horror)

Orange: (Grapefruit's continues screaming) Well hey, at least he's not such a sourpuss, now! (laughing) Owwwwwwww!

(Grapefruit's continues his sccops screaming than takes him away Dane Boedigheimer)

Passion Fruit: (Grapefruit's stops screaming) That's the most messed up thing I've ever seen.

Orange: You should've seen, Tomato, that was bad!

Passion Fruit: This kitchen's awful, how do ya stand it?!

Orange: Oh! It's not so bad! Just ask, Pear!

Pear: Somebody please, kill me now!

(End rolls)