"Annoying Orange: The Exploding Orange"
Episode 44
AOTEO title card
Characters: Orange, Pear, Passion Fruit, Bananas, Kiwi, and Gorilla
Airdate: October 15, 2010
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"Happy Birthday!"

Transcript Edit

Orange: Hey! Hey, Kiwi, hey! Hey, Kiwi, hey! Hey! Hey, Kiwi! Kiwwwii!

Kiwi: WHAT?!! What's it?! I'm trying to read the paper!!

Orange: What happened to your Voice, Mate? (laughing)

Kiwi: Dude! I'm a Kiwi. I'm from freaking new zealand!

Orange: Oh, well! That explains the accent, and the boomerangs!

Banana #1: I told you. We're Bananas!

Kiwi: Accent, I don't have a, (HICCUP) Accent!

Orange: What's a Hippo Accent?

Kiwi: It's...(HICCUP) not a Hippo! It's a...(HICCUP)

Orange: Whoa! Sounds Like A Hungry Hungry Hippo! (laughing)

Kiwi: It's...(HICCUP) it's not funny!

Orange: What's the matter, Kiwi? You Looked All Choked Up! (laughing)

Kiwi: Stop it! (HICCUP) Ohh, man, I don't (HICCUP) feel so good!

Orange: Are you, okay?


Orange: What the hell's going on?

Banana #1: Ahhh, no, everybody watch out!! (HICCUP, HICCUP) He's gonna blow!!!!!!!!

Kiwi: (screaming)

Orange: What the?...

(The Kiwi explodes, Orange screams as Apple then and all Smosh continues screaming)

(Daneboe footsteping)

Pear: What the heck, was that?

Passion Fruit: Seriously! I heard that in the other-(gasps): Oh, my God...!

Orange: That was, Kiwi! He had the Hiccups.

Banana #2: HICCUPS!! He had the Hiccups, you idiot!!

Pear: WHAT? Aw, man! That's scarie.

Orange: What are you talkin', 'bout?

Passion Fruit: You have never heard, 'bout what happens when a fruit, gets the hiccups?

Orange: Ah, no.

Passion Fruit: First! They hiccup! Then they-they-they

Pear: They Explode!!

Orange: (laughing) That's the most ridiculous thing, I have ever... (HICCUP) Oho!

(title card)

911 Operator: 911! What's your emergency?...

Pear: Uhhh... yeah. We got an Orange, with a case of the Hiccups here!

Orange: (HICCUP)

911 Operator: Umm...please say that again.

Pear: I said we've an, Orange, with the hiccups.

911 Operator: OH, NO, YOU SCREWED!! (screaming in the phone ends ringing)

Pear: Ugh, alright I'm outta ideas.

Orange: (whimpers)

Passion Fruit: Look, everybody! The important thing right, now's to just remain calm...

Orange: (HICCUP)

(The all continues screaming, apple luigi group)

Passion Fruit: No! No! No, everybody shut up!! Uh...we are not going to freak out!!

Orange: That's easy for (HICCUP) you to say. You don't have an explodin' (HICCUP) hippo in your tummy...

Pear: Dude, It's Not A Hippo!

Orange: It's A Explodin' Hippo.

Passion Fruit: Listen, to me, Orange? Do you wanna get rid of your hiccups?

Orange: Duuuuu!

Passion Fruit: Then you've to do exactly what I tell you, OK?

Orange: OK!

Passion Fruit: OK, it's really simple...all you've to do's to Take A Deep Breath and hold, it for 30 seconds...

Orange:OK! (takes a deep breath)

Pear: WHAT?! No! That never works!

Orange: (humming as holds)

Pear: I always heard you've to stand, on his head and, cross your eyes!

Orange: (humming as holds)

Banana #1: Shoudn't he be hummin'?

Pear: What?

Banana #1: Yeah, I heard all he's gotta to do's hum, the star spangled banner, it works every time!

Orange: (humming as holds)

All: No, no, no, no! No! What?! No! Everybody shut up!

Pear: That 1 never works.

Orange: DAH!!

(The crashes in the kitchen)

Pear: Orange...

Passion Fruit: Orange!

Pear: ...ORANGE...

Passion Fruit: Can you hear me?

Pear: Wake up, Orange! (Orange's to wake up sleeping, groaning) Orange!!

Passion Fruit: Are you, OK?

Orange: Who turned out the Lights?

Pear: Dude, you crashed and blacked out!

Orange: I did? Then why am I still Orange?...

Passion Fruit: Orange! Did you hear that?

Banana #2: Yeah, his hiccups!

Bananas: THERE GONE!!!

Passion Fruit, Orange and Pear: YYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

Orange: (HICCUP) (Orange and Pear exclaim)

Passion Fruit: Oh no!!

Orange: Ooo, I'm sorry guys, I never thought I'd (HICCUP) get the Hiccup And Go Boom.

Passion Fruit: Orange. It's not your fault!

Pear: Yeah, it could happen to everyone, look at Kiwi!

Orange: I know, he's everywhere? (laughing and then HICCUP)

Passion Fruit: We gotta figure out a way to stop 'em!

Pear: Oh no. They are gettin' worse by the second...

Orange: (HICCUP) Help...(HICCUP)

Banana #1: Hey, Ummm.... Orange... I know we just met and all but...

Banana #2: We are really, sorry this is happenin' to you, Orange, you seem like such a great...

(The gorilla breaks wall, and then roars)

Banana #1: WHAT WAS THAT?!?!

Banana #2: I don't know, it kind of sounded like a--

Orange: Gorilla!!

Banana #2: Huh?!(The gorilla roars then bananas screaming)

(Orange, Passion Fruit and Pear: Orange screams like Apple, Passion fruit screams like a Corn Cob, Pear screams like Pumpkin, then the gorilla leaves eats then and screaming, the gorilla munches, picks them up comes)

Orange: Whoa!! That guy doesn't monkey around. (laughing)

Pear: How did that thing get in here?

Orange: Poor Boomerangs! I don't think they'll comin' back from that 1! (laughing)

Pear: OK, we get it, enough.

Orange: I wonder why they didn't give him the slip? (laughing)

Pear: Ugh...

Passion Fruit: Oh, my God, Orange!! You're Hiccups?!!

Orange: Ohh, what 'bout 'em?

Passion Fruit: They are gone!!?

Orange: Wow, Gorilla must have scared 'em away!

Passion Fruit, Orange and Pear: YYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

Pear: Now, that's what I call a clo-(HICCUP)

(record scratches)

Pear: Ooooh, crap!

(End rolls)

Orange: Sounds Like A Like A Hungry Hungry Hippo!

Orange and Kiwi: (laughing)

Kiwi: Alright, guys! I'm sorry! He started laughin' and...

Orange: I can't help it, it sounds so funny when you hiccup! (laughing as Kiwi growls)

Kiwi: From the top. From the top. Here we go.

Pear: Action!

Kiwi: It's (HICCUP) not-