"Annoying Orange: Mystery of the Mustachios"
Episode 55
AOMOTM title card
Characters: Orange, Pear, Mustachios, and Pistachio-Eating Caterpillar
Airdate: December 10, 2010
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"Full Kitchen Intruder Song"

Mystery of the Mustachios is the 55th episode of the Annoying Orange series.


Orange: Hey! Hey, over here! Hey, Bagface! Hey, hey Bagface, hey! Hey, Bagface! It looks like you had a little plastic surgery. (laughs)

(Dane takes the bag away)

Orange: Awww, thanks for the hand, buddy. Jeez. Whoa! Hey, hey Pistachios, hey!

Leader Mustachio: Dude, he's talking to us!

Semi-Far Right Mustachio: What do you wanna do?

Barry: You don't say anything.

Middle Mustachio: Does this look all right? It feels lodsided.

Sombrero Mustachio: It's so itchy!

Orange: Hey, Pistachios! Hey! Pistachios! Over here!

Leader Mustachio: It's not pistachio, okay?

Orange: Then what are you?

(Mustachios turns over to Orange)

Leader Mustachio: It's Mustachio.

Orange: (screaming)

(title card)

Semi-Far Right Mustachio: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Take it down, buddy! Everything's cool.

Orange: There's a caterpillar on your lip! And, it's got friends!

Middle Mustachio: These aren't caterpillars, dude. There mustaches.

Orange: Uh-uh! Those are caterpillars! Pistachio-Eating-Caterpillar!

Barry: Dude, that's not even a real thing.

Orange: Uh-huh! Ask Pear!

Pear: Did someone say Pistachio-Eating-Caterpillars?

Orange & Pear: (screaming)

Sombrero Mustachio: I told you, we should have gone with sombreros.

Middle Mustachio: I know, I know.

Orange: You pistachos are goners.

Leader Pistachio: Look, for the last time, we're not pistachios!

Middle Pistachio: Yeah, pistachios' are like delicious.

Sombrero Mustachio: Excactly!

Semi-Far Right Mustachio: And we're not.

Barry: Nope.

Leader Mustachio: That's right. Cause' we're Mustachio.

Barry: And that's a totally different thing.

Mustachios: (arguing)

Orange: Yeah, whatever. Clearly, you guys are nuts! (laughs)

Leader Mustachio: Hey, hey, hey. Look, buddy, if we were tasty pistachio, our flavour would have give us away.

Pear: Guys, it's okay! We're not gonna eat you!

Leader Mustachio: Of course not, cause' we're not pistachio.

Pear: Oh, come on. The shells, the green center, the giant freakin' bag that said pistachios on it.

Barry: (sniffs) Boy, it's gettin' hot in, here. (sniffs) I'm kinda gettin' a sniffles, here. (sniffs)

Semi-Far Right Mustachio: Shut up, Barry!

Orange: You'll be a lot cooler, if you weren't wearing a lip warmer. (laughs) Ooohh, I know, let me get you a fuzz buster! (laughs)

Mustachios: (sighs)

Orange: I get the feeling that the answer to this mister is right under your nose. (laughs)

Pear: Um, Orange, they don't have noses.

Orange: You're an apple!

Leader Mustachio: Yup, and we're Mustachios. End of story. You guys have a great day. We better get going, now.

Barry: (sneezes)

Mustachios: (gasps)

Barry: It's okay, guys. It's just alergies. (his mustache fall off)

Semi-Far Right Mustachio: Ah, Barry!

Barry: What, what is it?

Orange: Whoa, talk about a close shave! (laughs)

Middle Mustachio: Are you trying to get us killed?!

Leader Mustachio: How hard is it to wear mustache?

Barry: Put it back on! Put it back on! Somebody!

Sombrero Mustachio: See? I told you, we've should have gone with sombreros.

(Dane opens the pistachio, and Barry screams)

Mustachios: (worrying)

Barry: Oh, my god! I'm naked, I'm naked!

Orange: Whoa!

Pear: Whoa, I can't look!