"Annoying Orange: It Takes Two to Mango"
Episode 65
Characters: Orange, and Mango
Airdate: February 18, 2011
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It Takes Two to Mango is the 65th episode of the Annoying Orange series.


Orange: (tongue flipping)

(Dane puts the mango on the counter)

Mango: Whoa, nice and easy, now!

Orange: Whoa! Hey, Big Pickle! Big Pickle! Hey!

Mango: Uh, Big Pickle? Is there a Big Pickle, here?

Orange: Hello! Over here! Big Pickle!

Mango: Big Pickle, where you at?

Orange: I'm talking to you, Jar-head! (laughs)

Mango: Well, I'm....I'm not a pickle. I'm--

Orange: Jabba the Hutt?

Mango: Uhh...more like Mango the Mango, and--

Orange: What? I thought it take two to Mango! (laughs)

Mango: No, that's a dance. And, as you can see, I don't have legs.

Orange: (doing the Mango) Hey, hey Jabba! Check it out!

Mango: Okay, I told you, that's not my--

(Orange starts humming)

Mango: What.......what are you doing?

Orange: Duh, I'm doing the Mango.

Mango: Aw, seriously, what is wrong with you?

Orange: (singing) Don't you wanta, wanta Mango, don't you wanta, wanta Mango, don't you wanta, wanta Mango.

Mango: Aw, come on! I'm not a freakin' soft drink!

Orange: No. But, you do like you're gonna pop. (laughs)

Mango: (growls)

Orange: Hey, Jabba! Can you curl your tongue, and make trumpet sounds?

Mango: What?

Orange: Like this! (doing trumpet sounds)

Mango: That does't even sound like a trumpet!

Orange: (continue doing trumpet sounds)

Mango: Stop it!

Orange: (keeps doing trumpet sounds)


Orange: (laughing)

Mango: (growls angrily) Okay, buddy! Time out!

Orange: Time out? What's that?

Mango: We need to talk about--

Orange: Walruses?

Mango: No, it's time to talk about the game of life! See,--

Orange: (wrong answer sound) This game sucks. Let's play something else! (laughs)

Mango: Orange, I know what you're doing. You're using humor to keep others from getting clubs.

Orange: That's not true!

Mango: Sure, it is. After all, the cardegy you seen, it's only natural. It's hard meeting people. But, not nearly as hard as watching them go.

Orange: Stop it, Mango! You're making my eye's juicy.

Mango: Aw, let it go, Orange. Just let it go.

Orange: Hmmmm.

(Orange thinking in his flashback about what happened to Apple, Pineapple, Cabbage, Cucumber, and Walnut.)

Orange: (sighs) Good times.

Mango: Let it go, Orange. (whispers) Just let it go.

Orange: Thanks a bunch, Mango!

Mango: Well, I am a life coach. (laughs)

Orange: (laughs)

Mango: No, really, I am. So, you know, if you got any friends that I need some help.

Orange: Ooh! I know who you should talk to!

Mango: Who's that?

Orange: Knife!

(Dane cuts Mango, but theres a seed)

Mango: Ow!

Orange: Ooooohh! Sorry about the heads up. (laughs)

(Dane slices Mango like a saw)

Mango: Stop it! STOP IT!!

Orange: Oooohhh.

(Dane tries to buther Mango)

Mango: OW!! OW!! OW!!

Orange: I knew you guys would hit it off. (laugh)

(Dane kills Mango's left eye with his thumb)

Mango: (screaming)

Orange: Uhh! Talk about a kniful!

Mango: Aw, man! That's gotta leave a mark.

Orange: Ohh!

(Mango kills Mango's left eye with his fork)

Mango: OW!! OW!!

Orange: Uh-oh! Looks like you're gonna have to fork it over! (laughs)

Mango: You idiot! That's not how you cut a mango!

Orange: Way to go, Mango! You're winning!

Mango: That's because it's a new day in the kitchen, Orange! Trust me. (laughing)

(Dane cuts Mango in half)

Mango: (screaming)

(end roll)

Orange: Aw, poor Mango. But, I think he looks piecful! (laughs)