"Annoying Orange: Happy Birthday!"
Episode 43
AOHB title card
Characters: Orange, Pear, Midget Apple, Marshmallow, Lime, and Knife
Airdate: October 8, 2010
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"No More Mr. Knife Guy"
"The Exploding Orange"

Happy Birthday is the 43rd episode of the Annoying Orange series.

Transcript Edit

(Shown on the counter. He is wearing a party hat)

Pear: Man. Where's Orange? This is supposed to be, a surprise party.

Lime: We'll surprise, he never showed up.

Pear: Maybe he's stuck in traffic.

Lime: Bro, we live in a kitchen.

Pear: I can't believe it. It's his birthday party and, he's not even here!

Lime: Uhhhmm, there's no one else here, dude.

Pear: That's not ture, Midget Apple, made it.

Midget Apple: (Somewhat muffled offscreen who wearing up) He means, Little Apple!

Lime: Whoa. Where do that come, from?

Pear: Midget Apple's inside the Cupcake!

Midget Apple: (Cuts to a cupcake on the other side of counter, inside cupcake, dude to the fact that his voice is muffled from inside) Little Apple!

Lime: Why would, you do that?

Pear: We'll duuuuuhhhh. It's a birthday party. He's gonna jump outta the cupcake, and sing to Orange!

Lime: You don't, do that at birthday party.

Pear: Ya don't?

Lime: No.

Midget Apple: Does this mean, I can come out now?! Hello, hello?!

Marshmallow: (The camera moves revealing Marshmallow's) Hey, sorry! I'm late for the party!

Midget Apple: Hello?!

Marshmallow: Hi! I'm Marshmallow, will you be my friend?

Midget Apple: Get me outta this cupcake, and I'll be you're best friend.

Marshmallow: YAAAAAAYYYYYYY!! Let's sing a song, best friend.

Midget Apple: Dude, I'm stuck in a cupcake.

Marshmallow: Ooh, I don't know that, song. I'll make one up! (singing of Marshmallow) Marshmallow's here, Orange's late, dude, I'm stuck in a cupcake. (laughs)

Orange: Hey, what are you talking about?

(The scene cuts to him in his usual spot on the counter, the theme music playing)

Orange: I'm not late. I'm an Orange. (laughing)

Pear: Hey! You're here...

Pear & Lime: Happy Birthdayyyyyyyyyyy!

Mommy Fruit's Female Announcer: Thanks, wiggly.

Orange: Wait...whose birthday's it?

(Title card rolls in)

Orange: Wow. I have never been, to a birthday party before. What, are we supposed to do?

Pear: It's you're birthday, Orange, you can do whatever you want.

Orange: Really?

Pear: Totally, buddy!

Orange: Then I wanna do target practice.

Pear: Uhhhhmm, okay.

(Orange hacks, spits a seed)

Orange: (the seed pops one of the balloons) Bull's-eye! (laughing)

Pear: (The balloon flies around while losing it's helium) Hey! I just bought...mmhhmumumhmhh wah wah wahhhh!

Orange: Whoa! Double bull's-eye. (laughing)

Pear: Not cool, dude. Not cool.

Orange: (laughing) You sound like, Marshmallow.

Marshmallow: YYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! Let's sing a song!

Pear: Stupid helium.

Lime: Guys, why don't we just open some presents?

Midget Apple: Can we start with the cupcake?

Pear: Orange. Aah aah hmm hmm hmm. Orange, we all decided to pitch in and get you something you always wanted.

Orange: Oooooooo! Is it a laser guided stud finder?

Pear: Uhhhhh, no.

Orange: A hot tub filled with fondue?

Pear: No, that's gross. This is something you have always wanted, remember?

Orange: Uhmmmm.

Pear: (echoing): This is something you have always wanted.

(The flashback "Orange of July" is seen on a picnic table)

Orange: Oohhh! Is it my birthday?!

Watermelon: No, no. It's not you're birthday party!

Orange: (repeated) I wanna my Wii Pony.

(The flashback ends)

Orange: Oh, it's a pogo stick! YYAAAY!!!

Pear: Oh, for the love of it's a Wee Pony.

Marshmallow: (laughs) That tickles! Stop eating me, Pony. (laughs)

Orange: Wow, he's pretty small.

Pear: Well, you wanted a Wee Pony.

Orange: He knows how to play Nintendo?

Pear: What? No, he's a Pony.

Orange: Oh, well. I wanted a Pony that could play Wii.

Pear: Aw, for crying out loud!

Midget Apple: Hey! What about me?

(The candle on the cupcake starts to melt)

Midget Apple: It's getting a little hot in here!!

Lime: Woho!

Orange: Whoa!!

Pear: Ah, crap!

Marshmallow: Aw, no! My best friend's on fire!

Pear: Quick. Blow it out before it burns, Midget Apple.

Orange: What's Midget Apple doing in the cupcake?!

Midget Apple: It's Little Apple!!! (screams, while others are bowling the flame out) Noooooooo!!! Nooooo Nooooo! Aah, get me out, get me out...!

(The burning frosting lands on Marshmallow's)

Pear: Ohh!

Marshmallow: WOH!

Pear: Whuh!

Midget Apple: Phuw... that's much better.

Marshmallow: IS IT GETTING HOT IN HERE, OR IS IT JUST ME?!! (laughs)

Orange: Wow! Way to go, "hotshot." (laughing with Marshmallow)

Marshmallow: (flying through the air)

Lime & Marshmallow: WHOOOA!

Lime: Hey, get off me!

Marshmallow: I CAN SEE MY HOUSE, FROM UP HERE!! (laughs)

Orange: Whoa, talk about being in the "LimeLight." (laughing)

Pear: Yeah. Looks like, Marshmallow, is pretty high on life. (all laugh)

Orange: Thanks, everybody, this has been the best birthday ever.

(Knife's arrives and accidentally kills Lime slices Dane Boedigheimer)

Orange: I just wanna say that--

Knife: Hey, Orange. Sorry, I'm late.

Orange & Pear: (screaming)

(record scratches)

Knife: (seemingly avoided being knifed Dane Boedigheimer) What?! Guys, it's cool! I just wanted to drop by and say, happy birthdoooh, crap. I did it again, didn't I?...

Marshmallow: OHO, SPAGHETTI'OS. (laughs) (jumps over to Marshmallow's and Wee Pony's) AWW, STOP IT, THAT TICKLES!! (laughs)

(End rolls)

Midget Apple: Uh... guys, can I come out, now?...