"Annoying Orange: Frankenfruit OUTTAKES"
Episode or Outtakes
Characters: Orange, Frankenfruit (speaking fruits involved include Grapefruit, and Grandpa Lemon sleeping), Gourd, and Dane Boedigheimer
Airdate: October 29, 2010
Episode Reference: Frankenstein
Episode Guide
"The Exploding Orange OUTTAKES"

Frankenfruit OUTTAKES is the forth outtakes of Annoying Orange.


(title card, and Frankenfruit roars)

(first take)

Frankenfruit: Show's over! (right arm points at Orange) It's time for you to face the engine of your destruction!

Orange: Engine? Well, you do look like a V8. (laughs)

(second take)

Dane: Action!

Frankenfruit: That's right, Orange. Grapefruit is back! And better then-- (slips, and falls down) Whoa!

Orange: (laughing)

Dane: Cut. Cut, cut.

(third take)

Orange: More like Midget Plumpkin. (laughing)

Gourd: Hey, how can I be small, and fat in the same time? Either way, I'm a gourd.

Orange: Oh my Gourd? That's an awful name. (laughs)

(forth take)

Frankenfruit: Oh, I can't hear you! I'm too busy-- (Trying to flex, but the left arm falls) Aw, crap!

Dane: Cut.

Orange: (laughing)

(fifth take)

Grandpa Lemon: You know, like that Jamie Kennedy Fox on her, whatever that guy's name is?

Dane: What are you talking about?

Grandpa Lemon: With an alcohol, I don't know.

(sixth take)

Dane: Action.

Frankenfruit: (left-arm points at Orange) What the heck is he talking about? (his head fall down and he screams)

Orange: (laughing)

Grapefruit: Ow! Can we figure out the way to do this?!

Dane: Yeah, let's do--

(final take)

Grapefruit: What's going on here is your butt is in my face! MOVE IT, GRAMPS!!!

Grandpa Lemon: What's that? You got gas? What a coincidence. So do I. (farts at Grapefruit)

Grapefruit: (screaming)

Dane: Cut!