"Annoying Orange: First Person Fruiter"
Episode 82
AOFPF title card
Characters: Orange, Pear, Marshmallow, Papaya, and Apple
Airdate: June 10, 2011
Episode Reference: First Person Shooter
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"Be a star!"

First Person Fruiter is an episode of The Annoying Orange from the third season.


(in the brown bag)

Apple: What is going on?!

Papaya: (screaming)

(Apples chattering)

Papaya: Wh-why's everything shaking? Wait, wh-why everything shaking?!

(Dane puts the brown bag on the counter)

Apple: Not signed up for this!

Apple #2: What is that thing?

Apple: (screaming)

(Dane trys to grab the apple, but he grabs the papaya)

Papaya: (screaming) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Put me down! Put me down, you giant octopus! Get away from me, right this instant!

(Dane puts Papaya on the counter, and Papaya looks a the boiling pot)

Papaya: (groans) Hey, that guy looks just like me.

Orange: Nu-uh! You don't look like a cooking pot! (laughs)

Papaya: What's going on, here? Does this some kind of trick?

Orange: Nope, but this is! Cannon ball! (spit seeds at Papaya's eyes)

Papaya: OOWWWW!!!

Orange: (laughs) Hey! You're not laughing!

(title card)

Papaya: You jerk! You almost took my eye out!

Orange: Well, duh, we're playing pirates! Your turn!

Papaya: No more spitting seeds, no more pirates.

Orange: Jeez, I was just trying to patch things over. (laughs)

Apple: What's going on?

Orange: Hey, hey Apple! Hey, Apple, hey!

Papaya: Whoa, watch the name calling, pal!

Apple: Uhh, yeah. I think he was talking to me.

Papaya: Oh! Oh, you're the--Oh, you're the guy form the bag. Heh, sorry.

Apple: For what? Falling on my head, or crying like a baby all the way here?

Orange: (laughs) He called a chubby pear a baby! (laughs)

Papaya: I wasn't crying, and I'm not a chubby pear, I'm a--

Orange: Grizzly Pear! (laughs) Grrrr, Grizzly Pear!

Apple: That's Papaya, you idiot!

Orange: Whoa, Grizzly Pear's your papa?

Papaya: No, I'm not his dad, and I'm not a pear!

Pear: Yeah, I don't know, dude. I think Orange is right. You're looking very pear-like, and I should know.

Papaya: Aw, come on!

Marshmallow: Nuh-uh! He's a magicial egg from The Kingdom of Delight! Yay!

Apple: So, what's up with the little white dude? He's freaking me out, man.

Papaya: I know, it's like he's made of plastic.

Marshamllow: (giggles) I'm not plastic!

Papaya: What? Where did he--

(Marshmallow moved close to Apple)

Marshmallow: I'm fantastic! (giggles)

Apple: Get away! GET AWAAAY!

Orange: (laughs) Poor Apple, he needs to mallow out! (laughs)

Papaya: He's right, Apple. It's just a marshmallow. It smell like he's a--

Orange: Knife!

Papaya: Yeah, exactly! He's not gonna hurt--

(Dane sliced an apple, and Apple screaming)

Papaya: (screams) Oh my god, that is so messed up!!

Orange: Jeez, talk about an apple turn over! (laugh) Ooohhh, oww!

Papaya: (closed his eyes) Boy, I can't look! I can't look, it's too awful!

Orange: Hey, hey Papa Grizzly Pear! Hey!

Papaya: Shut up. Just shut up.

Orange: (laugh) Grizzly Pear's trying to hibernate. (laughs)

Papaya: (opens his eyes) Shut it! Just shut it! Shut your sound hole, you little pip-squeek!

Orange: Spit seed? Don't mind, if I do! (spit seeds at Papaya's eyes)

Papaya: AH-HA-HA-OOHHH!!

Orange: Cannon Baaaaall! (laughs)

Papaya: Oh, you think that's funny?!

Orange: Duh, why do you think I'm laughing?

Papaya: Yeah? Yeah, well, how about this?! (spit seeds to Orange)

Orange: Ow!

Pear: Ow!

(Papaya spit seeds to Orange, again)

Orange: Ooof!

(Papaya spit seeds to Orange, again)

Orange: OOWW!!

Pear: Ohhh!

(Papaya spits the last seed to Orange, hardly)

Pear: Hey!

Orange: OOOWWW!!!

Papaya: Yeah, that's so funny, now, huh?!

Pear: Okay, okay! Dude, enough! Jeez! Orange, I want you to appoligise to......uhh.....Okay, seriously, dude, what the heck are you?

Papaya: (growls angrilly) MY NAME IS PAPAYA!!!

Orange: Hey, hey Grizzly Pear! Hey!

Papaya: WHAT IS YOUR DEAL?!! What, what, what?! What is it, now?!

Orange: Knife!

Papaya: Huh?

(Dane slices Papaya to death, and Papaya screaming)